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Birthday is a time filled with surprises, gifts, blessings, wishes, entertainment and joys. It is a time for assorting cakes, balloons, friends, relatives and family. This day is a very special day in every person’s life and everyone enjoys moving one step ahead in life.

Birthdays make us cherish some old moments and look forward for some new experiences and anticipation in life. Everyone on their special day looks ahead for a challenging and splendid future. We all celebrate birthdays as a remark of completing one more memorable year in the span of life, a new milestone towards eternity. No matter what the age, caste and creed, birthdays are always celebrated with fun and excitement.

The joyous day of birthday can become more special and memorable with a fantastic assortment of birthday quotes that we bring for you.

We welcome you all to the jubilated and glamorous world of birthday wishes and quotes. You can use these quotes and sayings to greet your friends and relatives through birthday cards or in your birthday invitation cards. There are numerous ways you can make use of this fantastic collection of birthday wishes.

Of course, there are a lot of websites providing birthday wishes (with or without images), and you can check our selection of these websites in the Resources section.

In this website, we have categorized (or have plan to categorize) different sections like birthday quotes, birthday card sayings, birthday invitation sayings, funny birthday sayings, cute birthday sayings, 1st birthday saying, 18th birthday saying, 21st birthday saying, 50th birthday sayings and 70th Birthday sayings. This categorization and classification will help you browse just the perfect quote. You can click the links or various sections and browse various birthday quotes under these sections.

Of course, time is a limited resource, so we will be adding new categories and new birthday wishes/quotes as other obligations allow us.

So, someone you know has a birthday coming up soon? We bring you our best birthday wishes so that you can find the perfect words for your friend, family member, or loved one. Browse through the categories and simply select a few of our most popular wishes. Have an idea or need a custom card? Contact us and we will try to create a card for you. Of course, you can always write it down to a quality piece of paper, or you can take some tools and make it yourself. Also, a nice option is to find beautiful birthday images on Google search, and print them out.

Birthday Wishes Guide will be updated regularly, and we will have even more happy birthday comments and other messages that can be used on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network you might be using. We don't offer only the cutest, sexiest, and most funniest birthday comments, but also the simple birthday wishes with photos. All of our graphics have been nicely crafted, and are presented within existing categories, making navigating our site much easier for you :)

We are, of course, aware that there are numerous websites like ours, and we really do like some of those and respect the effort of the owners, However, we feel that this has to be done in a bit different way. So, come and visit this delightful and elated world to wish your friends, relatives and dear ones a great and thrilling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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