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Birthdays are always special and should be treated with jubilation, excitement and entertainment. The best way to celebrate birthdays is to throw a thrilling birthday party.

There is a lot of things you need to take care of when planning and throwing a party. There is a great party planning checklist here, so be sure to go through it, in order to prepare the party in the best possible way. Now, when you have decided to throw a party, how will you invite your friends and relatives to join you on your special day? The simple answer is birthday invitations. Birthday party invitations range from a simple one liner card with the date, venue and time of the birthday party to the most elegant and handcrafted birthday invitation cards.

If you add or pen down some special messages in your birthday invitation cards, then the receivers are sure to join you. The words or birthday invitation sayings will attract your friends and relatives to attend an elegant and thrilling birthday party.

Here we have a great collection of birthday invitation sayings to add a special and personalized touch to your invitations. We're in the mood to party so help us put him out to pasture with a Birthday Party:


  1. NAME (of the birthday person) - Is on a roll - over the hill, that is! Help push him over the edge at a Surprise 21st (YEARS) Birthday Party.
  2. Hip! Hip! Hooray! Three cheers for NAME (of the birthday person) It's his 18th (YEARS) Birthday. Please join us for a Birthday Party.
  3. NAME (of the birthday person) is how old?!? It's the best-kept secret in town, but we'll be "blowing" it at a party in her honor. Please help us celebrate NAME (of the birthday person) Birthday.
  4. We're laying the youth of our dear friend to rest, Won't you come pay your last respects? Ol' NAME (of the birthday person) is moseyin' over the hill. Join us as we respectfully lay to rest his youth on DATE (date of celebration) at TIME (time of celebration).
  5. Something Fishy is Going On! NAME (of the birthday person) always tries to say - over 18 (YEARS) - SHE/HE isn't a day. But we know the down-and-dirty NAME (of the birthday person) is turning 18 (YEARS)!


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