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1st Birthday Sayings

First birthday is like you have just entered the world and have started realizing and feeling the presence of people and nature around you.

Its one year that the sweet baby is peeping the world through an uncurled veil. Now, he is prepared to peep through his or her vision and feel the excitement and entertainment spread around.

Completion of one year of any baby is a sweet feeling for any parents and most of the parents desire to throw a thrilling birthday party to celebrate 1st birthday of their beloved baby. A baby's 1st birthday poems can add a special touch on a birthday card or birthday party invitation. These sayings are usually written from the heart and express love, blessings and admiration Here is a fantastic collection of 1st birthday sayings that you can use for your darling baby.


Thank you for coming,
Holding me dear,
Although you have known me
No more than one year.
Know that I know what
Your words want to say,
Older than sunshine
Upon a new day.


What unsuspecting miracle
Has passed through his first year?
Has circled round the smiling sun
To sit before us here?
What angel changeling changed our lives
Since he arrived from heaven,
Bringing home the ballyhoo
That rounds the gates of Eden?
What bright eternal soul have we
Since taken into time?
Have welcomed into weeks and days
Still stunned by the sublime?


What love has love brought to this world?
What joy has pleasure wrought?
For this, our celebration, sings
Of far more than we sought.


Your presence is requested at
A moment of transcendence.
The mystery of turning one
Requires your attendance.
You will accomplish something more
Than favor, fun, or duty
By witnessing the passage of
A moment of great beauty.


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